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Client Culture and Health Psychology

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Can someone help me with other ways, based on research, a client's culture might play a role in working with them as a health psychologist?

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Different cultures see themselves in different ways. For example stereotyping of African American cultures, have in a sense led some young girls to believe that to be beautiful, one must have lighter skin, and "good" hair which is curly, relaxed, soft, and not kinky. For the young girls who do not fit into such criteria, it can cause severe self-esteem and self-image issues. Young girls have gone so far as to bleach their skin and relax their hair in hopes of fitting in and being more beautiful. Kiri Davis reconstructed the Kenneth Clark Doll Test to test for herself which doll the African American children preferred to play with. The results showed that 15 out of the 21 children preferred the white doll. The perceptions of the children were that the white doll was better, good, and more desirable; whereas, the black doll was bad, and not good (Davis, 2007).

African American young women do not tend to judge ...

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Discusses the various ways that a person's culture can effect how a health psychologist counsels with the client.

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