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Links to Five Historic Images

Activity choice and development

· Children's familiarity with idea of chronology

· Five historical pictures chosen according to criteria

· Women and Minorities represented

· Activity sequence element incorporated

25 points

Session development:

Begin the session by asking the students the following questions and recording their responses.

a. Who is the president of the United States and what does he do for his job?

b. What do judges do for their jobs?

c. How does a bank work?

d. Name a famous man that you know of. Why is he famous?

e. Name a famous woman that you know of. Why is she famous?

f. What do you think the concept of "supply and demand" means?

g. Who do you think makes the laws and rules for our county? What do you know about these laws? What do you think of them?

h. How many continents are there? What continent is the United States a part of?

i. What is the capital city of the United States?

25 points

Introduce and implement the pictures activity.

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Here are five links to pictures I believe are good for your project.

1) Here is an image of the first man on the moon with the American flag: ...

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This solution provides links to ideas for historic pictures to be used in a lesson.