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Summary and reflection of an artist.

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The Web Museum of Famous Paintings http://www.ibiblio.org/wm/paint. Select a historic art movement that you find interesting. Select an artist from this movement. Visit the artists web page, read the information on him and look at his art work.

Write a list of the art work that you saw
specify the names and techniques.
Write a summary on what you read about the artists work.
Write your impressions about the artists work.
What feelings does it provoke on you?
What ideas does it make you think about?
Why did you select this artist.

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If I were you, I would take a look especially at the Modern Art ("The 20th Century") section which is home to a vast variety of art styles. Simply viewing the images may hit a note with you--you want to be able to find some connection with the art. For example, if you like incredibly colorful pictures, I would choose works by in the Fauvism, Art of the Fantastic, or Paul Klee. Some people already know that they do not like art that "does not make sense"--in this ...

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This solution provides the beginning or non-art enthusiast with the necessary components for writing a basic summary and reflection of an art style or particular artist.

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