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    Point Group Symmetry of a Coordination Complex

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    I am confused and frustrated on this topic. I do not know how to begin or exactly what is being asked. An explanation with work would be helpful. A question like this will appear on our next quiz. Thanks.

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    In general, for this kind of problem first you have to look at the molecular geometry. Then you have to apply all sorts of symmetry operations to identify the point group. A great deal of visualization is involved in the process.


    allyl tricarbonyl cobalt complex

    [See pages 69-70 of the book titled "Molecular Symmetry" by David Willock in google books. It gives a general guideline and flow diagram on how to assign point groups. Also the attached lecture notes show how to determine proper rotation axis, mirror plane, center of symmetry ...

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    This solution comprehensively discusses the background and rationale behind the problem with the help of some diagrams and gradually arrives to the answers.