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Point group questions

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1. Determine the point group for each of the following molecules and items. Draw a clear picture of each molecule or item and show or clearly describe ALL the symmetry elements necessary to determine the point group. NOTE: Only the connectivity of the atoms determines symmetry, not the bond order between atoms.

a) phosphorus pentafluoride, PCl5 b) selenium tetrafluoride, SeF4
c) triiodide ion, I3- d) ethane (eclipsed conformation)
e) nitrate ion, NO3- f) hydrochloric acid, HCl
g) trans-SF4Cl2 h) cis-SF4Cl2
i) sulfur pentafluoride monochloride, SF5Cl j) a thumb tack
k) sulfuryl chloride, SCl2O2,

l) Projection of the fx(x2-3y2) orbital. Assume the lobes of the orbital are coplanar and the z axis is perpendicular to the page.

m) nitrosyl chloride, NOCl n) hexacyanocobaltate (III) anion, [Co(CN)6]3-
o) bis(benzene)chromium in a staggered ring conformation, (C6H6)2Cr

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