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    Octahedral Metal Geometry

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    1. Some octahedral metal complexes are known to undergo the dissociative mechanism shown below. Consider both a d8 strong field complex and a d8 weak field complex. Would either of these complexes be expected to undergo this type of mechanism? Explain your reasoning. Assume P < 0.8d(delta)o for the strong field case.

    2. List all the symmetry operations generated by each of the following elements.
    a) C8
    b) S3
    c) S6

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    I'm not sure about the dissociative mechanism. To me it seems like I've discussed in the sheet. I'm not sure if this is some sort of trick question.

    Symmetry operations:

    S3 : S3, S32 ( = C32 ), S33 ( = sigmah ), S34 ...

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