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    Orbitals - Strong/Weak Fields

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    Question 1:

    Consider the [Mn(H2O)6]^2+

    a) Draw the crystal-field energy level diagram for the 3d orbitals and show the placement of d electrons assuming this is a weak-field complex ion.

    b) Repeat a) assuming this is a strong - field complex ion.

    Question 2:

    ML6 is a general formula for any octahedral complex ion.

    Consider the octahedral complex ion ML6, where M is a transition metal and I is a ligand. If this is a strong-field complex ion, what is the maximum possible number of unpaired electrons in ML6^7. Draw an energy-level diagram with electrons to justify your answer.

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    Solution Summary

    A crystal field diagram is drawn for an octahedral complex of Mn. Based on a similar diagram, the maximum number of unpaired electrons is determined.