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African-American Racial Stereotypes & Crime

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Do you believe the argument that African Americans are more likely to be in prison because of racial stereotypes? (PROVIDE EVIDENCE for your argument)

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The solution is a 1,249-word tutorial narrative that discusses the topic of African-American racial stereotypes in relation to propensity for criminal activities as well as the consequences of racial stereotyping. It provides 4 main areas of focus in this particular topic of study wherein stereotyping affects African-American criminality with the arguments supporting them. references are listed for the purpose of expansion. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing and digital use.

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African Americans, racial profiling & criminality

Do I believe the argument that African Americans are more likely to end up in prisons because of racial stereotypes? On short notice, I would say no - the incidence of deviance and the path to criminality is not based on race and ethnicity alone. But if you apply sociological imagination and investigate the many paths that lead African Americans, especially African American youths to crime, it does seem that racial stereotypes somewhat drive them there. The preconception of people with regards to African Americans in relation to crime and deviance is already in place largely because of their experience and observation of what seems to be the propensity towards deviance of African Americans as an ethnic group. Statistics certainly show that as an ethnic group, African Americans produce more criminals that any other minority. The recent National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) shows that African Americans of the robbery crimes reported, 59% of them were performed by African Americans, the highest in that category and 61% of all reported aggravated assaults, again the highest in that category. Of all murders performed, 36.5% of it was due to an African-American criminal, again the highest in that category. A 2005 report released by the KFF foundation showed that in that year and much of the decade, about 10.1% of African-American males aged 18-29 are in prison followed by Hispanics at 3.6% and White Americans at 1.5%. The gap is clearly large and one is expected to wonder why this is so? What makes African Americans and their young men turn to a life of crime?

If we look at stereotyping, we ask ourselves how can stereotyping push African-Americans to live a life ...

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