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Human services Manager: 3- R's Paper

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********************** "Human Service Manager: Reinforce, Refer or Release" paper *******************

Review Chapters 10, 11, and 12.

Many of the communication and interviewing skills that we have been studying for clients are applicable for Human Service Managers. Clinicians have to determine when clients might need further treatment and support, when they may need an outside referral for other expertise to achieve the treatment goals, or when they have reached the end of their relationship with a clinician. Similarly, human service staff sometimes need help from a human service manager to continue to grow and have their skills reinforced, they may need outside referrals to address areas of concern or for professional development, or situations may arise that require the staff member to resign or be released/terminated.

Consider how this 'client based' information may have relevance to working as a human service manager with staff who may have interpersonal and work related issues that a manager might have to address.

Review the UOP Material 'Human Service Manager Exercise Reinforce, Refer, and Release' Paper and the three hypothetical staff histories/situations from the fictitious 'Family Support Services Center'. These three scenarios can be found in the Course Materials area of the classroom.

Determine which recommendation and strategies for each staff Case Study situation:

1) 'Reinforce', which may include additional supervisory support, staff development, and increased responsibilities;
2) 'Refer', which may include additional supervisory support and monitoring, re-training, a corrective plan of assistance, and/or referral for outside assistance; or
3) 'Release', which may include legal and ethical considerations, instituting a corrective plan of assistance, possible probation, or termination.

Determine which of these three recommendations/strategies you would use with each of the cases and why. Support your decision.

Describe some of the communication and interviewing skills that would be important in each of these situations. What issues and dynamics are present? What self-disclosure will be necessary to elicit from the staff person, and what boundary issues need to be addressed? What behaviors need to be discussed, assessed, and changed? What goal setting, contracting, and evaluation needs to occur? What ending and transition issues are present in each of these case studies?

Write a 4-7 page APA format paper that would hypothetically provide a rationale and explanation for your decisions based on your readings and other information and address any of the seven tasks of endings and transitions found on pages 282-289 of the text that are relevant to your decision for each case. Include at least three citations other than the text to support your conclusions.

Appendix A (Scenario #1)

Family Support Services Center

Staff Member: Tom Martin

1. Demographics

a. Age: 32
b. Gender: Male
c. Marital Status: Divorced
d. Race/ethnicity: Caucasian
e. Years with Agency: 4

2. Staff Member History and Current Assessment

a. Employed as an individual counselor for adult clients.
b. Considered an adequate but not outstanding counselor.
c. Two previous client complaints that could not be substantiated.
d. A review of Tom's previous case files shows four female clients who terminated counseling with no explanation.
e. Female client of Tom has informed supervisor that he had made inappropriate sexual comments, bought her presents, had one out-of-office 'date', and implied that he could help get custody of her children back from protective service with a favorable treatment report.
f. Tom initially denied these accusations when they were presented to him but does admit that he is attracted to client.

Recommendation: _____________________


Appendix A (Scenario #2)

Family Support Services Center

Staff Member: Janice Wellington

1. Demographics

a. Age: 28
b. Gender: Female
c. Marital Status: Single
d. Race/ethnicity: Hispanic
e. Years with Agency: 2

2. Staff Member History and Current Assessment

a. Employed as a child and family counselor.
b. Displays good therapeutic skills.
c. Client records indicate that she is well liked by her clients.
d. Client case logs are not always complete or submitted in a timely way.
e. Janice states that she does not feel confident and knowledgeable with some of the situations she is exposed to.
f. She further states that she is more comfortable working with children than with the entire family during counseling sessions.

Recommendation: ______________________


Appendix A (Scenario #3)

Family Support Services Center

Staff Member: Michael Thompson

1. Demographics

a. Age: 44
b. Gender: Male
c. Marital Status: Married
d. Race/ethnicity: African American
e. Yeas with Agency: 16

2. Problem Presented/History of Problems and Assessment

a. Currently employed as a substance abuse counselor.
b. Recovering addict with 18 years of sobriety.
c. States that he is under a lot of stress at home and concerning financial obligations.
d. Has a good work record except for periods of repeated absence from work and periods of depression.
e. Has stated recently to co-workers that he is not sure he can relate to client's addiction issues as well as he has in the past.
f. Staff concern and suspicion that Michael may have suffered a relapse or is contemplating drug use.
g. The agency has an Employee Assistance Program and Policy.

Recommendation: __________________


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