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    Affects in Performance Appraisals

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    Objective of activity
    Describe some common problems affecting performance appraisals.

    Description of activity

    Scenario #1:

    Aggra is a production worker in an electronics manufacturing plant. She has been with the company for five years, and has consistently received good performance reviews. Her current performance level remains high. In this feedback session, you want to provide her with that feedback, and explore the possibility of developing her for a supervisory position.

    Scenario #2 :

    John is a customer service representative in a large call center. He has been with the company for one year. Until recently, his performance has been acceptable, but in the last month, he has called in sick several times, been late twice, and his performance has been below expectations. In this feedback session, you want to appraise his performance over the last six months since his initial appraisal, and address the attendance issues.

    Just need something short and sweet around 350 words.

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    Scenario #1:

    Managers need to urge their employees in the right direction by providing both positive and corrective feedback. The key is to offer examples that focus on an employee's specific behavior, so that he or she will understand your comments and be able to act on them. In this scenario, Aggra is an excellent employee and the conversation with Aggra should revolve around areas of development to not only encourage Aggra to take on more responsibility, but to also find out if this ...

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    This solution discusses two scenarios related to issues which affect performance appraisals.