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Self Care of a Health Profession

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Please explain the concepts of self-care, several paragraphs about what the key steps for a self-care plan are and why those steps are sometimes difficult and a short conclusion to tie it all together.

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Self-care is referred to a multidimensional concept, but the exact nature of the concepts or elements that make up the concept of self-care are less defined. So concepts is often a difficult term to understand because self-concept is an emerging concept that involves other concepts - which also differ based on how it is conceptualized by different theorists. To complicate it even more, theorists and authors sometimes use terms interchangeable, including the terms concepts, elements and components of self-care. Theorists refer to conceptualization of a model of self-care. So the ideas in the theory are the concepts that make up the concept of self-care e.g., biological factors, person, care-giver and environment.

Supporting self-care as a concept has been an emergent factor in the thinking and practice of professionals in the health field.

The concept of self-care is a multidimensional concept, with many defining elements. (http://www.longwoods.com/product.php?productid=16342&cat=275&page=1) When theorists conceptualize a concept like self-care, other related concepts emerge.

Self care is conceptualized slightly differently based on theories e.g. Orem's conceptualizations of nursing. This means that different concepts are focused on what makes up the self-care concept. For example, Orem recognized health as the outcome of self-care and as an influencing factor on both self-care agency and self-care demand ...

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The solution provides an explanation of the concept of self-care, including the key steps for a self-care plan, and why those steps are sometimes difficult.

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