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    Theoretical Framework

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    Ways Ethnicity and Race Inequality are Understood

    This attached readings illustrate a variety of ways that race and racial inequality are understood today. Explain each in detail, how they contrast with one another, how they can also co-exist with one another. How can racial inequality be understood as "non-existent," while people simultaneously discuss taking advantage of it?

    Empowerment, Disempowerment and Social Change

    1). Discuss the ways in which individuals can be empowered, 2). Discuss the ways in which individuals can bedisempowered 3). Discuss the ways how they can combat personal disempowerment. 4). How does personal empowerment lead to collective empowerment? 5). Describe how social change organizations empower their i

    Effects of Program Evaluation

    How do program evaluations influence marital and family therapy? What contributions might counselors offer toward these evaluations? What roles should counselors play in the evaluation process?

    Soldiers and Politics

    Discuss instances where military regimes successfully developed 3rd World countries/economies. Where have these attempts failed? Are there circumstances where a military government is good for that country/economy? If so, explain.

    Legitimate Authority and Followership in Western History

    How have notions of legitimate authority and followership changed across different periods of Western history? Reference Part III and Part IV Wren, J.Thomas., Hick,Douglas.A., & Price,Terry.L.(2004) Traditional Classics on Leadership. Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing .

    Global Experience

    1. What is your attitude toward living in the global village? 2. For example, if you were offered a good job in a foreign country, how would you feel about packing up and moving there for several years? 3. If you had a foreign roommate there, would you welcome the experience or would you feel a little uncomfortable? 4. Do

    Direct & Indirect Violence

    I need assistance with understanding direct violence, indirect violence (structural violence and cultural violence), and positive/negative peace. Here is an article that may be of interest: Parsons, Kenneth A. "Structural violence and power." Peace Review: A journal of social justice 19.2 (2007): 173-181.

    People and Organizations Who Have a Positive Impact on Society

    Using the internet, research a significant person and a organization in history that assisted people or was an advocate against inequality. This person and this organization will have had a positive impact on society, especially children and communities.

    Case Study: "Society, The Basics"

    "Society, The Basics". Eleventh Edition. Pearson Prentice Hall. Upper Saddle, New Jersey. The case study answers seven questions in regards to sexual revolution, pregnancy, abortion, gay rights, birth control, and pornography. 1. First, how would you give a biological definition of sex? Give your own definition and what y

    Primary and Secondary Social Groups

    Define and discuss the concept of primary and secondary social group. Additionally, review the correlation it has on values, norms, and ethics.

    Conveying an Organization's Goals and Aspirations

    Define and discuss how organizations conveys their goals and aspirations to its members in the face of adversity and challenges in today's society. Additionally, review the three major challenges during the twentieth century; race and gender, rising competition from abroad, and the changing of nature of work itself.

    Race and Ethnicity Meaning

    "Assuming that the meaning of race is fixed and unchanging is a convenient fiction..." What does he mean by this? If the meaning of race is not stable and fixed, what implications does this have for things like public policy? How does the racial sorting activity relate to the idea that race is a "stable" and "fixed" system of hu

    Infant Mortality Study

    I am currently working on a study and the topic: The Impact that Grassroot Efforts in a Community have on Infant Mortality. I need guidance on what would be a good theory to approach with this subject of study. My main focus is to determine if community awareness of a problem have any affect on the improvement or non-improvement

    Comparative Reasoning: "Vote" Celebrity Ad

    Comparative Reasoning Paper Review the Celebrity ad: "Vote" on You Tube Describe the comparison it makes. Place the argument through the five tests of reasoning: Familiarity, Simplicity, Comprehensiveness, Productivity & Testability. Describe the comparative reasoning to drive the argument in simple terms. http://www.yo

    State Terrorism

    Read "The Threat of Global State Terrorism: Retail vs. Wholesale Terror" by Edward S. Herman and David Peterson. 1. According to Herman, what is the REAL terrorist threat? 2. Is the US a terrorist nation? Your response should deal with your opinion on the difference between traditional definitions of terrorism and what man

    Loss and counseling strategies articles

    I need assistance locating a scholarly journal article that focuses on a special type of loss and various counseling strategies used in helping clients experiencing the special type of loss and then I need to summarize the article. I also need to locate a journal article that focuses on counseling strategies used to work with

    Grief in Parents: Counseling Strategies

    I'm having a really difficult time with my grief class. Again, I need to imagine that I am a counselor for a couple in the attached case study. Please help me: Assess how the couple is coping. Provide resources the couple may need in their grieving process: What counseling interventions may be helpful when working with th

    Counseling Case Study: Parents' Grief

    Take on the role as a counselor who will be working with the family described in the case study below. You are responsible for: - Seeing the family - Assessing the issues - Suggesting an appropriate mode of intervention for the family. Case Study: Mother: Your son, age 15, was killed suddenly one evening a year ago. He wa

    Undercover in a Chicken Factory.

    The attached article is about a field study in Arkansas. Discuss the cultural identity and the conditions of the newest wave of immigrants into the US and Arkansas. What are the key points made in the article. Include a discussion as to whether this article suggests that Latinos are taking jobs away from whites and blacks. Ch

    Reducing Gender and Racial Discrimination in Communities

    If you were a consultant to a community that is planning a comprehensive program to reduce racial and gender discrimination, what specific steps would you advise the community leaders to take. Describe a new problem that this might create. Would the new problem leave the community worse off than it was before racial and gender d

    Business Ethics and Social Responsibilities

    Question 1 In working environment, when an employee is in the mid of making decision based on Business Ethics dilemma of accept or not for a problem faced. He has to make a decision on doing ethical or doing what previous employee done. The employee's main task is to work instead of pursuing? What ethical involve? How to solve

    Exporting pesticides

    I need perfect guidance with a minimum of 250 words with references for extending and further research... Thanks. U.S. companies export pesticides that have been banned or restricted in this country. Should this practice be allowed to continue? Please give a specific answer and support your rationale or logic.

    Ethics in Professional Life and Client Community

    I need help with the following: Discuss two venues in your professional life and client community that may constitute both benefit and harm. Use the ACA casebook or your own particular ethical codes of conduct as a guide to distinguish benefit or harm. If you were going to do assertive outreach, would the IRB or some other e