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Wadesville Community Ethics Case Study

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A look at five potential and specific ethical violations present in the attached case study, explaining why each situation violates an ethical code.

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1. The first ethical issue is that on the part of the school counselor. Taking liberties with the kind of discretionary approach that he is recommending to a matter that is rather serious and of wide-scale magnitude is not the ideal kind of conduct and implies ethical issues on his part (American Psychological Society, 2010). The fact that this situation can also be perceived as a career opportunity for him to exploit does not help the case (School Ethics Commission, n.d.).

2. The second issue is with the arrangement that was agreed upon between the free clinic and the school about keeping the matter discrete. This is rather troubling with regards to the children facing the kind of problems that they are facing, such as STIs, drug addictions, etcetera. Again, given the community culture, this seems like the pragmatic step, but from an ethical standpoint some of these matters are far too serious to keep suppressed simply due to social considerations and a need to shelter the community (Nagy, 2011).

3. The third issue is with how the students were provided absolute ...

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An examination of five ethical violations in the Wadesville Case Study. This entails discussion on the conflict of interest on the part of the school counselor. A look into the suppression of sensitive and vital information by the local free clinic. An overview of the confidentiality policy that--in the case of the students from abusive homes--was actually detrimental towards the process of reporting serious issues to the relevant authorities. The inability of the community leaders in dealing with the issue while also keeping it suppressed from proper public examination due to political and cultural reasons. The involvement by the vice principal of the Police Chief in the investigation, as well as his son, as a lawsuit attorney; a very alarming case of conflicted interest when the chief's grandchildren are students at the school being investigated.

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Case study of Wadesville Community

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I am Jules Cooper, age 35. I was born in South Carolina. I am currently a Probation officer. I also do
volunteer work at the local Juvenile facility, doing intakes and mental health counseling. I earned my BA
in Criminal Justice and am currently working on a Masters in Human Services. I was a police officer for 5
years in the community.

I see first hand what these kids are up to. Many of the kids confide in me. I am never quite sure if they
are telling me the truth. But I keep what they say to my self. I figure that these kids are troubled and
their parents are probably the reason why. They need someone to talk to. Why not me? I have, on rare
occasions, divulged some of this information to community leaders but never used names. I am aware of
suicidal kids, drug dealers, kids who are prostituting, and kids who are violent to their boyfriends and
girlfriends. I feel that I was called by God to do this work. I am passionate about these kids.

I have 5 kids of my own, 3 of whom attend Wadesville High. Two are honor students. One is pregnant.
The twins, age 5, were born HIV positive. I am HIV positive. It's a long story about a relationship gone
wrong. I am on a regimen and doing really well.

I made a lot of bad choices in my life. I want to help the kids that I am in contact with to see the error of
their ways. If my experiences and education can help one kid, then I will feel the HIV is my burden to
bear in lieu of that help.

I want to get that Masters degree in order to open my own Christian Counseling Center. I have been
diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and had some substance abuse issues. I am getting
treatment at the Free Clinic. I can overcome these obstacles and use my experiences to help others.

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