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Theoretical Framework

Summary of Petra's Who Rules the World

Discuss Petra's: 1. Reasons that he lists for the Iraq invasion. 2. Perception of America's call for "free trade". 3. Who does he note is the most powerful economic nation? Who Rules the World? James Petras

Defeating Terrorism: Making a Killing

Discuss Fishman's take on the Bush administration's main policy to defeat terrorism. Making a Killing The Myth of Capital's Good Intentions Ted C. Fishman

Media and Education Policies and the American Dream

Although media and educational institutions support the idea of meritocracy by over representing a portion of the population in positions of power - most notably white, male or domestically born - they also perpetuate the idea that the failure to achieve the American Dream can be attributed to individual shortcomings. Provide

Media, Education and Reinforcing the American Dream

Analyze current policies of the media and education institutions and assess their impact on the ideal of meritocracy. How might these two institutions prevent groups of Americans from achieving Horatio Alger-style success?

Doing Business with Russians

Discuss Russian culture. This should include elements important for doing business with people from Russia, whether in Russia or the United States. Bear in mind the following: - What are common experiences people from Russia have when doing business with Americans? - What must Americans know about doing business with Ru

Liberation Theology

Please use WIKIPEDIA to answer the questions. Search for Liberation Theology. 1. What are the key points made in this brief summary on Gustavo Gutierrez? 2. How does his perspective match up with how American churches see the poor? 3. Based on the information provided in the wikipedia material listed above, how has the Catho

Family Grief Counseling

Imagine that you are the counselor who will be working with the family described in the attached case study. Describe the stage each member of the family is at. Explain how you may be able to help the individual family members and the family as a whole. Describe how each family member's grief reaction is different. CASE:

Socialization of Children and Cohabitation

1-Identify and discuss the specific ways parents socialize children along gender lines. Incorporate as much relevant information from the text as possible into your response but be sure to use your own words. 2-Your college roommate/friend is seriously thinking about cohabiting and has come to you for advice. What major issu

Ethical Case Study

An question from a student about the attached case study of Wadesville High and its surrounding community with particular focus on police Chief DuPree's profile and the ethical challenges that he faced in the case study. The following points were discussed: (1) Identification of the systems Chief DuPree is trying to employ r

Develop a Profile of Your Multiple Identity Roles

Based upon personal, professional, and social identity, develop a profile of your multiple roles. Structure your response with the following questions in mind: Identify the roles you play, and in what contexts you play them in the course of a day. How do these multiple roles affect the specific population you serve? How do your

Social Power Play and Mediation

The original question: "How do the influences of stereotyping culture and social group power play a role during various conflict resolution processes? "Bargaining-based mediation involve lawyers as the mediator. Why do lawyers proceed with a more adversarial approach in arbitration? What are some of these reasons, and when mi

Cultural Intelligence

How might a leader's role and responsibilities change as a company becomes more diverse? Should today's leaders develop cultural intelligence?

Mexican Drug Cartels and Government

It's hard to look at what is happening in Mexico without asking how this could be happening to this nation. But it is not the only nation to struggle with "WHO is going to run the nation - the government or the drug cartels?". Mexico is going through what Colombia did 20 years ago - the drug cartels in order to fill the demand f

US Nationalism and the Politics of Fear

How is nationalism expressed in the United States and other parts of the world? Who benefits and who loses when nationalism is used as a justification for military interventions such as the War in Iraq? Do you see any exploitation of nationalism in the "War on Terrorism," for example, the drumming up of support during President

Systems Evaluation Case Study: Wadesville Community

The query: I need to provide a detailed evaluation of the systems present in the following case study by identifying systems, analyzing the influence of cultural systems, evaluating the influence of power relations & social constructions, and contextualizing direct and indirect conflict.

Sociology of Disasters: Man-made Vs. Natural Disasters

Compare and Contrast natural disasters and man-made disasters: their social implications, public reaction, media reaction, and government response. Do not compare and contrast specific disasters , rather the differences and similarities between natural and man-made disasters in general. You can provide examples to support your

Retirement Revolution

After viewing Retirement revolution: The new reality WTTW. (n.d.) retrieved from examine how the topic of retirement has changed in American society since the 2008 recession. Describe how it can impact person plans, their family members, or their friends' plans for retirement. Compa

Conflict Mediation: Power Currecy

Have you ever found yourself in a relationship (perhaps at work) where you undermined your own power currency? When someone else recognized your level of power or your RICE, what attributes became apparent? What can you do to develop your power currency? What are the differences between forms of trust and active distrust? Ho

Conflict Theory and Symbolic Interactionism

Please help answer the following questions. (a) Provide an example of a conflict theory perspective on crime. (b) Provide an example of Symbolic Interactionism as a theoretical perspective on education.

How to talk to children about terrorism.

Review the attached article that discuses how to talk with children about terrorisim. What are your reactions to this article? Discuss your response to 911 at the time it occurred. How do you think adults can best support children through difficult times?

Human Nature and Welfare

The usual view of human nature is either people will work hard to get what they need/want, or people are naturally lazy and will take what they can. On the other hand, maybe one's view is a combination of the two. Either way, identify your view and then explain which policy you favor from the list below of 7 and why? 1). The

Raising the Age Limit on Social Security

I need information regarding raising the age limit on Social Security. Personally, I do not necessarliy agree with raising the age limit; however, I am looking for arguments in favor of the government raising the age limits on Social Security. I do think that Social Security should be reformed; however, I do not have the solu

Values and Norms of The Stoning of Soraya

I need help with the values and norms of the movie 'The Stoning of Soraya' and to define ethnocentrism and how it affects individuals, societies and multinational corporations. It must focus on the cultural observations based on this experience.

Subcultures and their relative importance

Identify a subculture that you are part of (or if you cannot identify one in your own experience, describe a friend or relative's subculture). Please respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas. What language, jargon, slang, or

Methodology and Research Design

Based on the chosen study, "Parental Incarceration and the Academic Outcomes for Children", what would you suggest would be an approach to these areas of research? This is a hypothetical study and general input is needed for guidance to insure that I am on the right track with the research process. Assess the appropriatenes

Changes in The Past Century and Current Century

Having begun a new millennium, it is timely to examine the changes that occurred during the twentieth century to prepare for the twenty-first century. In your opinion, what four changes that occurred in the past century are most important for us to understand? Why? What do you think will be the two most important challenges that

Changes in Home Community.

How has your home community (pick any Indian city, town, or neighborhood where you grew up) changed since you were a child? Have there been significant changes in the community's economic base and in its racial and ethnic profile? Have the community's social problems intensified or lessened over time? Is unemployment currently a

Substance Abuse and Career Success

Drug addiction and alcoholism can severely affect an individuals work performance. In what ways can alcohol and drug use affect job performance and career success? What are some of the dangers of working with those afflicted with addiction. What are some of the ways that employers can help substance abusing employees?