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Social Power Play and Mediation

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The original question: "How do the influences of stereotyping culture and social group power play a role during various conflict resolution processes?

"Bargaining-based mediation involve lawyers as the mediator. Why do lawyers proceed with a more adversarial approach in arbitration? What are some of these reasons, and when might it be more appropriate to be more adversarial than using the pure mediation process?"

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Cultural stereotypes tend to be a double-edged sword in conflict resolution processes. They present considerable potential at evaluating - not just the direct conflict - but also the source-motivators and underlying factors that may be driving the parties to conflict and possibly even a desire for resolution. Unfortunately, this is also a sensitive topic as the approach to stereotyping can yield both positive and negative results and even false stereotypes that compound the resolution process.

In similar regard, social power can be very telling and provide clues into motivational forces and influencing bodies within a given conflict ...

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The expert determines how the influences of stereotyping culture and social group power play in role during various conflict resolution processes.