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Theoretical Framework

Homework help

I need help with teen pregnancy and big brother. If this was your client, what would you say and Do? Be specific. Why would you respond this way. What is an informed consent form and why is it important? Segment two: Big Brother 1. if this was your client, what would you say and do? what are the state legal

What's wrong with being a snob?

What's wrong with snobbery anyway? Shouldn't people be proud of their accomplishments and achievements? Aren't some people better than others-- not in the basic human sense, but in every other sense? Before answering this question, please read Bannings' 1931 piece on this very question (it's on the home page) and see if it gi

Who Rules America?

Sociologist G. William Domhoff of the University of California at Santa Cruz has published an article titled "Wealth, Income, and Power" The article discusses several important statistics on the distribution of wealth in the United States. Some of the key findings

The phenomenon of "reverse snobbery."

What are we to make of the phenomenon of "reverse snobbery"? Reverse snobs feel they are better than others because they are "down to earth" and don't "put on airs." For example, I have a relative (who shall go unnamed), who is an all-star reverse snob. When the family comes over for dinner on Thanksgiving, his wife gets

Income Gap Question

Why should we be concerned with the widening income inequality in the U.S., and how would life be different if the U. S. if we had a rigid social caste system?

Case Study and Practical application

I have a case study that I have described which is attached. I would like some guidance and or suggestions on how to apply mezzo level practice to the dynamics of the family in the scenario.

Critical Thinking Essay

I am asking for advice on the topic listed below. How would you complete this assignment? Any suggestions? I am to watch the Great Gatsby and write notes on my favorite scene. Then write a 1-2 page paper explaining how group conformity, group diversity, informal social group, language, behavior, and values apply to the s

Status Anxiety Dependence

DeBotton talks about many different ways in which we are all dependent on things outside of our control in this increasingly complex world of work and money. Discuss how the following dependencies contribute to status anxiety: 1. Dependence on fickle talent 2. Dependence on luck 3. Dependence on employer 4. Dependence on


What has happened to expectations in America? In your own life? What does the formula:Self-Esteem= Success-Pretentions mean? What is the relationship between equality, envy, and expectation? What do you make of the photograph attached? Why do people believe in self-help promoters like Anthony Robbins who preach th

List significant social changes in America.

The United States has seen significant social changes in the areas of population, education, labor force participation, health, technology, and the family structure. Which area has had the greatest social changes? What has caused these changes?

How Can Population Control Negatively Impact Culture?

Population growth forces civilizations to adapt their culture to the needs imposed by a growing citizenry. Most advances in technology, science and the arts came about because of a rise in population. If the population of the earth had flat-lined thousands of years ago we might still be hunting and gathering today. If there were

Preferential Race-Based Therapy Issues

A group of clients refuses therapy from a therapist based on their race and requests a certain race of therapist despite the therapist having not having expertise in a certain area. Would it right to relent and provide a therapist who does not have the expertise but is a competent therapist of the race the client is requesting?

Social Work Practical

I have to develop a conceptual overview of a Social Work Case Study. It can be a person or group from a hypothetical professional experience (or a hypothetical case). The project has to demonstrate a mezzo or macro application of the case situation.

Sociology question.

I have this question asked on my sociology class and would like to have a more deep and interesting explanation about it. How is social interaction (i.e. interactionist theory) manifested in the ideas of Foucault and DuBois?

Social Work Practice

Generalist social work practice processes and skills can be applied to different levels micro, mezzo, and macro. Using the domestic violence case attached how would you intervene on a mezzo level (that is, a group system level)? Highlight specifically what you might do to intervene, emphasizing mezzo skills and an empowerment f

Absolute vs Relative poverty is clarified.

One of the great distinctions offered by students of social class is between absolute and relative poverty. What is this distinction how does it play out in the American class system? I started by defining the terms. In absolute poverty, a person cannot provide for his/her basic needs such as food and shelter. Homeless people

Subordinated groups are exemplified.

What are 2 specific groups that you have observed being subordinated? Describe the situations. How do you think the affected individuals were affected?

Casualty Gap is investigated.

One of the best examples of the way in which social class affects life chances is the idea of "The Casualty Gap". The burdens of war, including, importantly, the dying, are not distributed equally---they are differently born by the poor. After reading the attached review of Douglas Kriner and Francis Shen's new book The Casualty

Immigration policy debate is scrutinized.

Should the American government policy favor certain kinds of immigrants? Should preference be given to the neediest applicants? The most talented? The most oppressed? the richest? Should applicants from certain countries be given priority? Why or why not? Summary of Chapter: 1)Immigration to the US has been consiste

Religion and social class

Please help with the following problem. It has been said that Sunday is the most segregated day of the week. We know how segregated it is by race, but how is it segregated by class? How does social class condition people's religious experiences? When sociologists rank order religious denominations by the social class of the