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    Theoretical Framework

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    Organizational Communication topics

    1. What is structuration theory, and why is this theoretical perspective unique in comparison to the other theoretical perspectives you have covered in this course? 2. In which ways does the socialization process within organizations support the validity of structuration theory? Please provide at least one concrete example to

    The house we live in: wealth inequality

    1. Why is wealth inequality, in particular differences in home ownership & Property values, an important part of the story of racial inequality in the US? 2. What specific policies, programs, & practices contributed to postwar housing inequalities? 3. Given this history, what do you think some of the racial implications of the

    Do segregated neighborhoods indicate underlying racism?

    Well the US Bureau of the Census just noted that there are NO all white neighborhoods in the USA anymore. There are some all black neighborhoods but the level of housing segregation has obviously changed over the last thirty years. Isn't this a sign that racism indeed has lessened over the last two decades? Your comments?


    What forces contributed to the cultural makeup of early civilizations? What social issues arose because of this cultural makeup? What were the main cultural influences on early civilizations? Do you believe that revisionist history is a good thing or a bad thing? Explain your response.

    Critical theory & organizational power

    1. Define critical theory, and explain how this perspective can help you understand organizational power. 2. Applying your definition of critical theory, explain how this theoretical perspective can help explain how certain organizations develop a very authoritarian hierarchical culture. Provide at least one relevant example

    Does the GOP favor anti-immigrant legislation?

    Attached is an article about a bill passed by the GOP led House as an example of how there is a distinct appeal to an anti-immigrant sentiment. Let me note - this does NOT mean that all conservatives are closet racists or anti-immigrant or homophobic - only that there is a base within that party which indeed harbors those feelin

    Is it possible to discriminate without being prejudiced?

    According to Robert Merton (Merton's paradigm), what is the category that identifies somebody that is NOT prejudiced but still discriminates. Is this possible? What is a timid bigot? Does Allport's Theory suggest that prejudice MUST be present prior to discrimination occurring? Any examples?

    Describe a theoretically online counseling practice

    What would be the key considerations to opening an online counseling practice? What potential risks would be considered willing and unwilling to accept to make the practice was successful? What would be any pertinent laws from the state of Texas that may relate to the provision of online therapy?

    Teacher training in Angola

    Please provide a response to the attached article. The response has to tie in with women in a changing society.

    Sociological Perspectives

    How would a functionalist, conflict theorist, symbolic interactionist, and feminist answer the following question: Why do men hold the most powerful economic and political positions across the globe? What social policies would theorists from each of these groups offer as mechanisms to make this situation more gender equitable?

    Family Aspects of Upbrining Influences

    Based on your own experiences describe how you define "family?" Why you define family in this way? Based on your definition explain who you consider to be a part of your family? 2) What values, beliefs, and aspects of your upbringing influence your understanding of "family?" 3) Discuss whether your personal experiences me

    Learning organization key components

    1. What are the key components of the learning organization, and how do these relate to the principles of systems theory? 2. Based upon the concept of the learning organization, provide (1) a detailed example of a company that failed to adapt to a changing environment and (2) a detailed example of one that succeeded in adapting

    Need help with Sociology - complex organization following assignment

    Please assist with the following with at least 400 words answer (based on reference reading book Modaff, D.P. , Butler, J. A., & DeWine, S. (2008). Organizational Communication: Foundations, Challenges, and Misunderstandings, 3d ed.) : Consider the following scenario: You are a plant foreperson at a highly-productive and com

    Women in a changing society

    Click on www.about-face.org and read through the top 10 winners and offenders. Discuss gender concepts, the media as socialization, and 2 ways to improve gender equity for our youth.

    Schaefer (2011) defines a group as

    Group description Identify the group. Social group or organization Describe the function of the social group. Authority and hierarchy Describe authority and hierarchical patterns within the group. Social patterns Describe social patterns you might find within the group, and explain their social significance.

    Research Methods

    I need guidance in the area of research and article analysis. I have completed this task but would like other samples for comparison to insure that I am on the right track. I have to locate and evaluate research conducted by others. Part of my practice is that I have to select an article of your choice that aligns with my

    Need help on one essay for 250 words

    Identify and describe Erikson's stages of development as each applies to your own personality formation. How did success at one stage prepare you for meeting the next challenge.

    Status Anxiety

    I need help in an analytical review of Alain DeBotton's book 'Status Anxiety'. An analytical book review is one that does considerably more than summarize the work. I do not want a summary. Instead, what we are after here is a reasoned and thoughtful reaction to the book; an analysis of both its content and its larger meaning.

    Women's status summation

    How did changes in the status of women in the developed countries affect their demographic histories?

    future of the union movement

    Do you think that the union movement will continue to decline, or can this current trend be reversed? Do workers still need unions? What would happen if there were no unions?