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Does the GOP favor anti-immigrant legislation?

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Attached is an article about a bill passed by the GOP led House as an example of how there is a distinct appeal to an anti-immigrant sentiment. Let me note - this does NOT mean that all conservatives are closet racists or anti-immigrant or homophobic - only that there is a base within that party which indeed harbors those feelings and... it comes out in the form of political legislation as well. Do you think this is unfair and unbalanced commentary?

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Yes, it is unfair and unbalanced commentary. First, we are not talking about a tax increase. The child tax credit is money given to the poor who fall below a certain financial level. It is taxpayer money given for free to the poor who are not paying income taxes because they make so little money. Secondly the bill is not targeting the poor, ...

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This solution is a review of a news article about the GOP and its efforts to restrict illegal immigration. The original article is included as well as a short discussion regarding whether the article was biased or not. Over 250 words of original text.