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Voting Requirements - Photo ID

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There has been a major debate throughout the country over whether or not photo IDs should be required to vote. The following piece is an editorial arguing against the laws requiring photo IDs and, as it is an editorial, is fairly biased. Consider his arguments and post your thoughts:


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Over the past 30 years, this argument of requiring voters to obtain identification has been steadily on the rise, and moreso after the election of President Barack Obama in 2008. Typically, these sorts of arguments are vocalized heavily by the Republican Party and you will notice that the states who seek strict legislation are primarily "red", or Republican states, and states who historically have immigration issues bordering Mexico. There are many issues at stake where the Republican Party feels threatened during election season, and this is primarily why they pursue making "adjustments" to the political landscape to strengthen their cause.

One simple reason is because of the difference in registered voters who represent each party. In 2012 statistics, there are roughly 72 million registered Democrats and roughly 55 million registered Republicans. Independents stand at 43 million registered voters. These numbers alone scare the Republicans because the Democrats are stronger in registered voters, and the Independents are too difficult to sway each election cycle. The Democrats also have a better grassroots campaign to increase their registered populace within the party, and have better skilled youth to get out the vote. The Republican Party has not been able to tap into much of the millennial vote that is, and forever will be, the driving force of a party during a campaign.

Another important issue are the ...

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The voting requirements for photo IDs are examined.

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