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Explain pretrial identification procedures

1.Explain the pretrial identification procedures. Discuss in detail, with examples, illegal pretrial identifications.

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In order for the police to use the testimony given by an eyewitness, the witness must be able to identify the suspect involved in the crime. There are three main ways in which eyewitnesses can identify the perpetrators of a crime: lineups, showups, and photo identification.

Lineups Procedure:
Usually several people are placed in a line facing the witness, who is then asked to identify the perpetrator. The police place in the lineup a suspect-the person they believe committed the crime-along with several other people whom they know did not commit the crime (because they are police officers or prisoners who were in custody at the time of the crime),usually about six people altogether. Police choose these other people because they are of the same sex and race as the suspect and have similar physical features. The witness might be placed behind one-way glass, so the witness ...