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    Anti-trust Legislation

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    What is the purpose of anti-trust legislation? In your answer, be sure to include explicit benefits that can be realized by consumers as a consequence of the enforcement of this legislation. What are some potential costs (to consumers)?

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    //Before writing about the purpose of Antitrust Legislation, we need to understand it. So, firstly, we will write about the Antitrust Legislation. After understanding it, we will write about the imperative purpose of Antitrust legislation.//

    Purpose of Antitrust Legislation:

    At the end of the nineteenth century, several trust agreements, which were popularly known as the business combinations, were existed in the United States. Usually, two or more companies were involved in such kind of agreements. These companies were combined with each other for the purpose of increasing prices and decreasing output. Such kind of agreements gives the trustees the power to control the competition and to increase the profits at the expense of public. These trust agreements would result in a monopoly. In order to put an end to these kinds of monopolies, antitrust legislation was passed by the Congress.

    The purpose of this legislation is to protect the US economy and to ...

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