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    Examples of "group think" in American History

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    What are some examples of groupthink in American history? Have you ever found yourself seeking to conform in a group situation that resulted in a narrow view of some issue?

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    According to psychologist Irvin Janis, group think takes over when a group or organization begins to make decisions neglect to rely on "mental efficiency, reality testing, and moral judgment". Group think is most likely to occur when individuals in a group share the same background, language, values and fears.

    There are numerous examples of groupthink in American history. Some of them involve large segments of the population while others involve a small group of individuals. Political examples include the failure of key personnel who could have avoided the Pearl Harbor attack. Though numerous Japanese messages were intercepted and reports were written ...

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    This solution examines the phenomenon of "group think" in American history. What examples can we study that show us how this phenomenon works? This solution is 400 words with links to resources for additional study.