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    Advertising: Gender stereotyping & objectification of women

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    Click on www.about-face.org and read through the top 10 winners and offenders. Discuss gender concepts, the media as socialization, and 2 ways to improve gender equity for our youth.

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    The following ideas are linked to the "gallery of offenders" and the "gallery of winners" at www.about-face.org.

    Gender concepts:
    The whole issue of gender conflict and confusion is quite bizarre in a way. It is easy of course to spout some politically correct sound bite without thinking. It is much more interesting to reflect on the historical evolution of the "women's movement" and wonder where it might lead us in the next decade or more. In many ways the movement has done a 180 degree spiral from where it was several centuries ago. In other ways it seems as if little or no progress whatsoever has been made.

    Centuries ago women were considered to be the weaker sex. They were treated almost as children in some respects and could not vote, own property, hold public office or enjoy certain privileges reserved strictly for men. Their function was to run the household, bear and care for children, and provide a moral rudder for society. In spite of some obvious shortcomings in this system, women were for the most part treated with a high level of respect. Their honor was closely protected by their male relatives, they were adored by their children and in many cases ruled the household in much the ...

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    The following commentary centers on the about-face.org website winners and offenders in advertising depicting women. Gender stereotyping, the objectification of women and media as a socializing tool are all discussed. Over 800 words of original text.