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Media influences

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Compose an extended critical essay using ONE & ONLY ONE of the following as a prompt.
1. Argue the ramifications of real people attempting to live up to the false standards in advertising with respect to gender inequality and sexuality in advertising. Be sure to identify any advertisements and your source.

2. Argue for a utopian educational system where all students in K-12 are exposed to elements that provide equal opportunity and success. You will want to be sure to include the elements necessary to attain a utopian state.

You may consider other topics but keep in mind that your topic must fall under one of the following:
Cultural Identity, Gender, Education, Work, Nature, Cyberculture, or the Arts.

Any encyclopedias or dictionaries
Any essay writing web sites
Any web sites that have [.k12] in their address.
Study sites or aids like Pink Monkey, Spark Notes, E Notes and so forth

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First of all, as you develop your own argumentative paper, you need a strong introduction. I would browse television, Internet, and magazine ads to describe a highly provocative ad or campaign using gender objectification and sexuality to sell a product. Perfume ads and/or lingerie ads for Victoria Secret might work. Revlon's Fire and Ice campaign is another example as well as any Calvin Klein ads. After you describe it, this attention getter will hook your reader.

After creating the attention getter, you need to articulate your game plan or thesis for the paper. You need a full thesis with several inherent sub point such as "Advertisements with overt gender and sexuality overtones objectify women, cause unrealistic feelings of inferiority in female consumers' quest for the ideal beauty, and also develop eating disorders in order to become the type of women depicted in the ads.

Next, you need a clear transition to go into your first main point. You can then state one of the main sub points as you suggest that "Advertisements with overt gender and sexuality overtones objectify and degrade women." You then need to add and show evidence to reiterate how that happens.

For example, one source, an article called "Communicating Objectification: Effects of Sexually Suggestive Advertisements," suggests that male treatment of women as objects potentially results from viewing ...

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Media influences are mentioned.

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