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    Sexual Attitudes are Discussed

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    Sexual Attitudes: Ideas for discussing what social and cultural influences affect adolescent sexual attitudes and behaviors are embodied. Include influences such as TV (shows and commercials), movies, magazines, music, books, etc. You may also want to interview adolescents to get a "first hand" perspective.

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    Please allow some of my notes to help you to formulate your paper about teens' sexual behaviors and the role of the media upon encouraging negative behaviors. Once you write your own paper, please send to us as a new posting for editing and feedback:

    First of all, teens definitely emulate behaviors seen in the media, ranging from hair, fashion, rhetoric, to even social behaviors. It seems like "the heavily sex-soaked film/TV show environment" makes it "more tempting for young people to enter sexual relationships" (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/discussion/2006/05/12/DI2006051201149.html). The media portrays sex as fun, socially acceptable, and rebellious. Sex is portrayed in a bandwagon, "everyone is doing it" manner. Experts claim that "These programs typically depicted sex as a "recreational" pursuit rather than something pertaining to relationships or reproduction, and the sexual content reinforced gender stereotypes of men as aggressors, and women as sexual objects who are valued for their physical appearances (http://www.frankwbaker.com/teens_sex_media.htm).

    You might examine how adolescence is a time for sexual awakening as "teens' bodies, thoughts, and emotions change rapidly, with sexual curiosity being strong. Today, media plays an important role in the lives of teens and their sexuality" (http://depts.washington.edu/thmedia/view.cgi?section=teensex). Another researcher strongly affirms that "Sexual content in entertainment messages -- especially in electronic media such as movies and television that combine multi-sensory stimuli with relaxed, non-critical viewing -- strongly correlates with negative teen behaviors that result in teen pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS" ( http://www.frankwbaker.com/teens_sex_media.htm).

    When looking at exactly how prevalent the influence of media is upon teens' sexuality, researchers suggest that "The data are not in like it is with media violence but it does suggest that sexually provocative media may have an impact on behavior especially where sexual intercourse is uncoupled ...

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    Sexual attitudes and teen influences are emphasized.