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Gender Stereotypes and the Media

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Gender-based stereotypes are presented through the mass media. Locate an article, cartoon, or advertisement that conveys a gender message. Analyze the message by answering the following questions. (Also, please attach your media or share the media's url address.)

1. What is the message the media is trying to convey?
2. What examples are used to convey this message?
3. Does the message fit a gender-role stereotype? Why?
4. Is the gender message consistent with your beliefs about gender?

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The Tom Ford For Men fragrance/perfume advertisement demonstrates and conveys a very strong gender message, due to the fact that this advertisement seems to demonstrate the apparent dominance of males over females. It also seems to convey the message that the utilization of a certain fragrance can be utilized in order to greatly increase the probability that a man will be able to achieve sexual dominance over the female of his choosing. This message also seems to be trying to convey that the female gender is ...

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