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    Teacher training in Angola

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    Please provide a response to the attached article. The response has to tie in with women in a changing society.

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    Angola is one of the poorer nations on the African continent. A vicious civil war was fought between 1975 and 2002. Today the landscape is littered with land mines. While there are opportunities for development, primarily through petroleum and mining, the people continue to bear the brunt of the suffering. As is the case with most situations where there is hardship, it is the women and children who suffer most.

    One of the specific ways this suffering is seen in Angola is the lack of quality education. Class sizes are very high with 40-50 ...

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    This solution is simply a response to an article about teacher training programs in Angola and how these programs benefit women in this changing society. The original UNICEF article and a response of nearly 400 words is included.