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HIV and AIDS in Western, Eastern, Central, and Southern Africa

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Please select one African country from each of the following four sub-regions:

East Africa
West Africa
Central Africa
Southern Africa

Using an AIDS map, establish an approximation of the growth or decline of HIV/AIDS in each of the countries. Find maps that portray the scope of the epidemics? Are they accurate? Why or why not? How could maps be improved to better visualize the real extent of the problem? Explain.

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This solution discusses HIV/AIDS prevalence in 4 African countries and why maps are problematic for illustrating the HIV/AIDS pandemic focusing on Kenya, Senegal, Angola and Namibia, as well as suggestions for improving how the epidemic is represented on maps. References for maps used are included.

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East Africa: Kenya
West Africa: Senegal
Central Africa: Angola
Southern Africa: Namibia

As of 2012, the number of people living with HIV/AIDS:

Kenya: 1.5 million
Senegal: 59,000
Angola: 200,000
Namibia: 180,000
(Source: http://www.indexmundi.com/Map/?v=35&r=af&l=en)- the map on this page seems to be fairly accurate. ...

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