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    Is it possible to discriminate without being prejudiced?

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    According to Robert Merton (Merton's paradigm), what is the category that identifies somebody that is NOT prejudiced but still discriminates. Is this possible? What is a timid bigot? Does Allport's Theory suggest that prejudice MUST be present prior to discrimination occurring? Any examples?

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    Someone who is not prejudiced and yet still discriminates belongs to the "ritualism" category. This is because they have rejected society's value system but still follow the institutions and the institutionalized way of achieving success.

    This is possible and even prominent in our world today. Consider the political hot topic of "hate speech". Almost anything derogatory that one says can be labeled "hate speech". It may be hateful to women, minorities, homosexuals, liberals and so on. It has come to the point where one must think twice before sharing any belief that is not ...

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    This post examines the relationship between prejudice, discrimination and bigotry. How are they related if at all? Over 350 words of original text along with cited sources that can be used for additional research.