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Mexican Drug Cartels and Government

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It's hard to look at what is happening in Mexico without asking how this could be happening to this nation. But it is not the only nation to struggle with "WHO is going to run the nation - the government or the drug cartels?". Mexico is going through what Colombia did 20 years ago - the drug cartels in order to fill the demand for drugs here in the USA.

Discuss the evolution of the horror going on - with 12,000 people kidnapped last year; 70,000 killed - judges and police shot in cold blood - who is going to run the country?

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50,000 people have been killed in drug war violence in Mexico since 2006, and the number is increasing rapidly.
The big news - three Mexican army generals have been arrested on suspicion of working with the cartels. Talk about who's running the country.

In addition, the Army itself has come under attack. Presidential campaigner Pena Nieto wants the army out of the drug war because they are incompetent (and too violent) to deal with what is essentially a police area of expertise. The Trivino clan, one of the most powerful drug organizations, has investments all over the world to launder drug money. It is very hard to trace it all. They just have the money and influence to do as they please.

In some cases, newspapers have refused ...

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The solution examines Mexican drug cartels and the government. The evolution of the horror going on is discussed.