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    Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking

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    What effect does organized crime have on drug trafficking?

    What effect does drug trafficking have on organized crime?

    Consider the five characteristics of organized crime listed by the President's Commission on Organized Crime in 1986 how does organized crime's involvement in the narcotics trade change the following:

    1) Its organizational structure
    2) The extent of its political protection
    3) Its need for specialized support
    4) Its user market
    5) The extent of social tolerance

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    Organized Crime

    What effect does organized crime have on drug trafficking?
    Organized crime has institutionalized drug trafficking. It has also strengthened it international ramifications. Drugs grown in Afghanistan are sold in the USA. In addition, organized crime provides a well-developed network for the distribution and even promotion of drug use. Organized crime provides drug trafficking access to a large untapped market. The volume of drug trafficking has increased tremendously because of organized crime. Further, international drug cartels like the Columbian drug cartel or the Mexican drug cartel provide financial and logistical support to international drug trafficking.

    What effect does drug trafficking have on organized crime?

    Drug trafficking has not only financed organized crime, it has also helped develop organized crime. Drug trafficking is the most profitable and prevalent organized crime operation in the USA. Traditionally the families of La Cosa Nostra dominated the drug trade. Currently, several smaller crime groups like groups based in Nigerian and ...

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    This solution discusses the effect of organized crime on drug trafficking. Moreover, it discusses five characteristics of organized crime that have a strong impact on drug trafficking.