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    Organized Crime on a Local Level

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    I need to examine the impact of organized crime on a local level by researching and analyzing an organized crime group in specific area with references to one government site and one academic site:
    1. The name and location of the organized crime group.
    2. The unlawful activities of the group in the area. Reflect on the impact this group has on a local level (state or metro area).
    3. How this group displays at least three attributes of OC.
    4. Why it was important to research and analyze this particular group.

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    1. The organized crime group that will be examined is the Mexican Mafia in California. This group is a conglomerate made up of many different Mexican gangs that are foot soldiers but is primarily ran by the top members who are in Super-max prisons. The gang developed first in prison and still holds power throughout prisons in America. It is a violent gang that has deep ties to the Mexican cartels in Mexico and actually receives its drugs from these cartels. The Mexican Mafia is known for its ruthless structure and this is how it commands conformity from Mexican Southern and Northern California street gangs that must pay dues to sell drugs and commit other crimes.

    Because most gang members know they will one day be sent to prison, which is ...

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    This solution explores organized crime on a local level by focusing on the Mexican Mafia in California, looking at its impacts and activities. References used are included.