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    Law Enforcement and Organized Crime

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    What various law enforcement and intelligence agencies combat organized crime? How do legal limitations affect law enforcement efforts? What would happen if these limitations were more or less stringent? Explain your answer.

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    All of law enforcement battles organized crime from the local agency (police & sheriff), to the state agency, up to federal agencies such as the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, and ATF. Local law enforcement battles organized crime locally by arresting criminals who commit state laws. Local law enforcement also handles the crimes that are committed as a result of the organized crime members. For example, organized crime often plays a rule in prostitution. If a prostitute is beat up by a pimp or is murdered, then the local law enforcement agency will handle the initial call and possibly the investigation. State agencies also play a role in fighting organized crime because of local arrests made by state officers. State agencies will also have a gambling ...

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    The solution includes the roles of various law enforcement agencies as it pertains to organized crime, as well as rules that govern law enforcement.