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Models of Organized Crime

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Compare distinctions between bureaucratic and patron-client organization include similarities and differences between the main models of organized crime and why are the models of organized crime are important for understaning organized crime

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Organized criminal empires operate under strict rules and are structured using a hierarchy that delegates responsibility.

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Most organized criminal empires operate under the patron-client organizational models. Perhaps the most influential and notorious organized crime groups is the American Italian Mafia. The mafia has infiltrated many legitimate groups including law enforcement organizations, judges, politicians, wealthy business owners, etc. The mafia will us its powers, which consist of brutality, murder, and extortion, to force many of these groups to conform. Often times the mafia will pay gracious amounts of money in order to attract potential clients. The overall goal of engaging with these clients is to earn money. The primary goal of the mafia is to get richer and they will do this by recruiting many of these powerful people. Often times the mafia will drain a company or person, running them broke while they transition and advance on the next "target". When people resist or break the rules, the mafia will adhere to a strict code that often involves ...

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