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    Organized Crime and Terrorism

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    Explain the differences and similarities between the fundamental makeup of orgaized crime and terroism groups' origins as they relate to ethnic background, political ideology, social orientation, religion, and financial motivation.

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    Organized crime and terrorist groups share several similarities. The majority of organized crime groups originate from foreign countries. They have migrated to the United States and have brought with them their religious and political ideologies. For the purposes of this discussion, we will compare the Italian American Mafia with Islamic Jihadist terror groups. Not all organized crime groups and terrorist groups will be identical, but they will share many similar ideologies and structural similarities. Many foreign countries despise the Western ways, which primarily describes the American culture. The Western culture has flooded other nations with their ways; both good and bad. Most of the elders from these other countries dislike the Western ways. For example, religious practices, familial ...

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    The solution explores the similarities and few differences between organized crime and terrorism, with multiple examples.