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Reference for a cultural historical artifact

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I am requesting references for this question: What cultural historical artifact best represents the culture in which we live?

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I included a scholarly journal article about Early Humans below. The beginning contains the abstract and the reference information that you will need followed by the full text article. I hope this helps! Thank you for using BrainMass today.

Cave Finds Make Point About Early Humans.

By: Bower, B. Science News. 11/29/97, Vol. 152 Issue 22, p342. 1/2p.

Abstract: Mentions a report about two sharpened bone artifacts that date to more than 40,000 years ago. Whether the artifacts offer insight into the anthropological disagreement over when sophisticated tool making and other advanced cultural behaviors emerged; The artifact finds from the Blombos Cave off the coast of South Africa; Report on the artifacts by Christopher Henshilwood and Judith Sealy in the December 1997 `Current Anthropology.' (AN: 9712036664)

Subjects: SOCIAL evolution; TOOLS, Prehistoric; SOUTH Africa

Database: Academic Search Premier

Much anthropological attention is focused on whether anatomically modern humans emerged in Africa some 100,000 years ago. A related ...

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