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Social Culture

Artifacts of our own cultures surround us. From art and music to architecture and literature, from philosophy and religion to laws and economics, we live among cultural artifacts that have deep roots.

Select the single cultural artifact that you believe best represents the culture in which we live today. Describe in details about the artifact, and analyze in detail how the artifact relates to the values, beliefs of the culture. Investigate and evaluate the deep cultural roots of your artifact.

What historical roots allowed your artifact to come into being?

Which cultural periods might have influenced its eventual development?

How do you anticipate this artifact being passed to future generations?

What kinds of evolutions might it undergo as culture changes?

Answer the following questions that addresses these issues from the perspective of someone trained in this area.

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The United States Constitution is a great representation of the American culture in which we live and express today. The United States Constitution is a document that contains highly regarded information that is pertinent to our understanding of our rights as Americans, as well as the laws and regulations that we must abide by as good citizens of this nation. This document relates to our values and beliefs of the culture, based on the fact that this document is the ultimate authority in regards to the laws of the land, and these laws are based on our deep-seated ...