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    Defeating Terrorism: Making a Killing

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    Discuss Fishman's take on the Bush administration's main policy to defeat terrorism.

    Making a Killing
    The Myth of Capital's Good Intentions
    Ted C. Fishman

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    This was a great article.

    Anti-terror solved by free trade policies and foreign investment. (This is the Bush position).
    Terror is based on poverty (again, this is Bush ? if we can open trade with the world, poverty will be solved, and hence, peace will reign).
    Foreign direct investment is attracted by those states that have the rule of law. Hence it is in the countries of the world's interest to have this rule of law and representative institutions.
    This is the position that Fishman is arguing with.
    It's not really about terror per se, but rather about the existence of wars throughout the third world and how they are financed.

    Most of the world NOT helped by free trade.
    There is an increase in incomes, but only in certain places (Korea, Thailand, etc). Most of Africa and much of Asia has seen incomes go down, not up.

    African wars mostly over economic objects (oil, ...

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    The following post discusses the impacts of the Bush administration in America's policy to defeat terrorism.