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    Pre-9/11 Terrorism

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    Choose a 10-years time period after 1935 and discuss the historical components of that time period in relation to either domestic or international terrorism.

    - Discuss the U.S. police philosophy during the specific time period. How did this relate to terrorism policy?
    - Discuss how this has influenced the policies of today.

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    The 10 year time period I will focus on is 1991-2001. During this timeframe certain important precursors to the 9/11 attacks occurred that could have initiated better counter-terrorism policies but did not. As a result, the nation was more vulnerable than necessary because of the mistakes made and malfeasance on behalf of governmental officials as well as the Democratic President. The era between 1991-2001 witnessed several major terrorist attacks culminating in the largest civilian attack in American history 9/11. Prior to 9/11 the World Trade Center experienced a terroristic attack in its garage that was committed by terrorists affiliated with similar ideologies as Al-Qaeda. ...

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    The expert examines pre 9/11 terrorism. The United States police philosophy during the specific time periods are discussed. How this relates to terrorism policy is determined.