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    Summary of Petra's Who Rules the World

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    Discuss Petra's:
    1. Reasons that he lists for the Iraq invasion.
    2. Perception of America's call for "free trade".
    3. Who does he note is the most powerful economic nation?

    Who Rules the World?
    James Petras

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    U.S. power remains dominant. This is not just in terms of numbers, but in the sectors in which the US dominates ? chemicals, software, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, etc.

    Of the top 10 companies in the world, almost all are American

    Free trade is a fraud it just means that these huge conglomerates will move in and take over. No one has even a remote ability to compete with them because of their size, experience, etc. Free trade = empire. (yet, ...

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    This solution provides a summary of several points within James Petra's book "Who Rules the World?". All the questions are related to US power. The included topics of discussion are, the reasons for the invasion of Iraq, Petra's perception of America's call for "free trade", who the most powerful economic nation is.