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    An Enemy of the People study notes

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    1. Explain the title An Enemy of the People. To whom does this title refer and why is this character an enemy of the people?

    2. How would you describe the relationship between Petra and Dr. Stockmann? Is Petra's occupation and belief system like the majority of women in her society? Explain

    3. What was easy to understand and what was difficult in relation to the social and cultural context and issues in the text?

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    1. I regard the title to infer that Dr. Stockmann, in his fervent and highly unethical quest about, as actually the people's "enemy" in the sense that his uncompromising attitudes and actions make him a rival in his corrupt agendas. Much like the polluted spa, he, too, is polluted with his ideologies and fake facades. The fact that a doctor would play a role and actually avert the spread of disease is quite heinous and villainous for sure, marking him as an apparent "enemy" indeed morally, humanistically, professionally, etc. By suppressing the discovery of contamination in the ...

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