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Gender-Selective Terrorism

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Gender-selective terrorism is a form of terrorism directed at individuals because of their gender.
Is gender-selective political violence always communal in nature? How? Can the violent sexual assaults on women be treated as terrorism? Why/why not?

What are the causes of systematic violence against women? Does such violence against women have a high likelihood of occurring more often in some sociopolitical environments than others? Explain.

How should governments and international organizations respond to gender-selective terrorism against women?

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The solution provides information, assistance and advise on the topic of gender-selective terrorism. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic.

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Gender Terrorism Q&A

Gender-focused terrorism is politically and culturally motivated, where the goal is repression or cultural destruction, where the targets are enemy-men or women or particular genders that the group or the individual has set their sights on to terrorize, agitate actively and publicly. Martin (2014) further explains it as follows, "Terrorism directed against an enemy population's men or women because of their gender. Systematic violence is directed against men because of the perceived threat posed by males as potential soldiers or sources of opposition. Systematic ...

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