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Operation Anaconda in Afghanistan: A Case Study of Adaptation

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Using "Operation Anaconda in Afghanistan - A case study of adaptation in battle" provided by Richard Kugler, discuss Operation Anaconda in Afghanistan.

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The solution discusses adaptation in battle using Operation Anaconda in Afghanistan.

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The military operation in Afghanistan "Operation Anaconda" was an intended joint operation between the U.S. military and friendly Afghan ground forces, but because tactical plans are always fluid and never capable of being fully implemented after first contact with enemy combatants; the original tactic plan had to be completely changed. This summary will provide an overview of what the military did correctly and areas that required improvement following this military operation in Afghanistan. I've provided the student with references and these should be used to create "your" own summary based upon the academic expert's work and references provided.

The overall objective of the operation was predicated upon rooting out the so-called terrorists, Taliban and al Qaeda fighters who were gathered in a valley where the operation was conducted. U.S. forces wanted to capitalize on the prior successes on the battlefield that occurred over the course of the previous three months throughout the country. Military strategists chose the hammer and anvil method of attack wherein the objective was to incorporate the use of friendly Afghan ground forces to attack first, but because of several factors, the tactical plan quickly unraveled. One of the biggest unexpected issues was the fact that the friendly Afghan ground forces retreated after receiving heavy mortar fire from an enemy resistance that was more fierce with more fighters than military ...

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