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    Should search Web sites have multilingual support?

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    Do you think search Web sites, such as Yahoo and Google, should have multilingual support? Give explanations to support your answer.

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    First we assume that the language we refer to is:

    "1. Communication with words: the human use of spoken or written words as a communication system; 2. speech of group: the speech of a country, region, or group of people, including its vocabulary, syntax, and grammar; 3. system of communication: a system of communication with its own set of conventions or special words"-Encarta 2009

    With all the services offered by both Yahoo and Google, language as tool to communicate plays a vital role. Let us consider for example the basic and usual function of the two browsers, searching the webs: If the hits (key-word based results of search engines) are presented in one language which is basically and usually English, the possibility is that it would be limited to, and only understood by users who are literate in English. But on the other hand, if ...

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    This solution discusses whether search websites should have multilingual support.