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    Content Area Internet Search

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    Find an Internet address for each of the following and answer the accompanying questions in relation to the site you select. Provide the URL and site name.
    1. A content area reading lesson plan.
    What is the topic of the lesson plan?
    Rate the lesson plan: Excellent, Good, Fair, or Poor
    How does the lesson address content area reading issues that are covered in this course?
    2. A site for a professional organization focused on literacy.
    How could this site be a support to a classroom teacher?
    What is the primary mission of the organization?
    3. A web site created by secondary students.
    What is the topic of the web site?
    How does the web site appear to relate to the students' curriculum?
    What ideas does this web site generate for your own instructional design?
    4. A content-specific organization (e.g., a science site, a history site).
    Rate the web site as a resource for students: Excellent, Good, Fair, or Poor
    How could you best prepare students to access information from this web site?
    5. A site for professional research on an educational topic.
    Categorize the range of topics covered on this site.

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    Your assignment deals with internet searches.

    Many current teachers have uploaded lesson plans all over the internet that they use to help others. Sometimes there will be sites that require you to pay for lesson plans- that is not necessary much of the time, especially for this assignment. If you use Google.com, or any other major search engine there should be no problem. Try searching for Lesson Plans and your content area.

    Most of the sites that you need to find seem to fall into the category of regular search engines. ...

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    Tips on how to search for content area research, lesson plans, and student websites- while making sure the sites are reliable and from valid sources.