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Global Experience

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1. What is your attitude toward living in the global village?
2. For example, if you were offered a good job in a foreign country, how would you feel about packing up and moving there for several years?
3. If you had a foreign roommate there, would you welcome the experience or would you feel a little uncomfortable?
4. Do your answers depend on what country the job is in or where the roommate comes from?
5. Explore this attitude; why do you think you feel the way you do?

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1. I think that living in a global village is a wonderful thing, largely due to the fact that there is much that can be learned from individuals of other nations, as well as the myriad of information that can be learned from observing the way that other governments function. Living in a global village helps us to gain a deep insight into the fact that human beings around the world are much more alike than they are different.

2. If I were offered a job in a foreign country, the way that I would feel about packing up and moving their ...

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