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Abnormal Psychology

Psychology Questions about Relationships, Health Issues, etc.

B) You have been seeing a client in therapy for about one year to deal with issues having to do with relationships. The client has had difficulty with relationships in the past. During the course of your therapy with her, the client meets someone, falls in love, and is planning a wedding. She comes into her session very exci

Research Mindset and Skills

Can you provide me an example of a response in which you identify and self-assess your current research mindset and skills?

Defining the Terms "Conscious" and "Nonconscious"

Define the terms "conscious" and "nonconscious" and explain in your own words what you think the statement, "conscious awareness is the processing of thought through language. How does language/literacy impact learning in the brain? How does language/literacy support the process of learning. Give an example of what you mean.

Freud's structural theory of the mind

Please help with the following problem. Provide a reference to go along with the solution. Critique Freud's structural theory of the mind (i.e. id, ego, superego), and explain how these concepts influence motivation.

Interviewing vs. Testing

The warden at a prison where you work has discovered that parole decisions made by a panel of interviewers often turn out to be wrong, with released prisoners often committing crimes and retained prisoners often demonstrating model behavior. The warden asks the prison psychologist to make a recommendation regarding whether parol

Identifying a Research Plan

Attached to this post is a Research Plan Overview. After reading the Research Plan Overview, locate a published research study (either quantitative or qualitative). Please state the name of the study. While reading your chosen study, locate the elements in the study that correlate with a standard research plan that is attached t

Role of drugs

The role of drugs as part of youth culture and what are the system linkages between the juvenile justice and adolescent treatment system? What clinical and programmatic issues are involved in the planning for substance abuse treatment of juvenile offenders? And what factors are involved in engaging hard to reach and hard to reac

Challenges and Issues in Group Counselling

-What are some challenges that may arise in group counseling? -How will these create anxiety to a new therapist? and -What group counseling approaches or techniques provide the most help in dealing with these challenges?


Could you please do an "objective" conversational response toward this person discussion on neobehaviorsm. This person will explain how Hull's and Tolman's views amended previous S-R theory resulting in neobehaviorsm. In their own words, they will summarize a research study that supports the neobehaviorism approach. 1) Do

Cultural Influence and Adolescent Substance Abuse

What is the cultural influence on substances abuse among adolescents? What may be some dimensions of cultural impact among adolescent treatment and prevention of substance abuse? What types of cultural groups can adolescents belong to that may influence their attitudes and behavior towards substance use? How can the explana

Marcia's Four Statuses of Identity

How would one define 'Identity' and what is the significance of it during the early stages of adulthood? Describe Marcia's Four Statuses of Identify.

Sample Dialouge: Counseling following the TTM Model

Create a dialogue of your own that illustrates how you might counsel a client who is in different stages of change according to the transtheoretical model (TTM) for career development (e.g., Precontemplation) and dealing with drug addiction (e.g., Action). Apply the four principles of Motivational Interviewing in your scenari

Challenges in Childhood Development

1.) Help Identify and discuss at least two key changes in childhood development from each of the following categories: Physical Changes Emotional/Personality Changes Cognitive Changes Social Changes 2.) In what ways that we can nurture the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive develop

How to write a methods section for research

What is the Methods section of psychological study comprised of? What would each subject describe? The examples provided display subjects such as education, criminal justice, inmates, prisoners, teaching, moral development, research methods, research studies, adult education, philosophy, and a method of research towards the rein

Leading a Group.

Which of the listed are the 3 most important qualities to have as a group leader: (Respect, empathy, genuineness, concreteness, self-disclosure, spontaneity, flexibility, confidence). -How will this qualities aid the success of the group? -How will this qualities affect how members of the group will view the group leader?

U.S. Military Culture and the Impact on Children and Adolescents

Analyze specific issues and topics related to U.S. Military culture and the impact of war on children and adolescents. Culture means being in the context affected by war and deployment in one's family. For example, discuss how growing up in a military family during war affects family system dynamics and other social systems