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Interviewing vs. Testing

The warden at a prison where you work has discovered that parole decisions made by a panel of interviewers often turn out to be wrong, with released prisoners often committing crimes and retained prisoners often demonstrating model behavior. The warden asks the prison psychologist to make a recommendation regarding whether parole decisions should be made on specific test batteries or interviews. Assuming that you need to choose one or the other, what would you recommend as a method for deciding paroleâ?"a test battery or the panel interview?

A explanation of differences between objective (testing) and subjective (interviewing) methods.

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The difference between objective testing, and subjective interviewing methods, includes the fact that objective of testing is a methodology by which analysts or other individuals can make a nonjudgmental assessment of an individual's skills or suitability for some specific action, such as being released on parole. Subjective interviewing relies on the judgment of the individuals that are conducting the interview, in making this assessment as to ...