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    Diagnosing wiht the DSM

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    The treatment of mental illness is to define a particular disorder. In 1952, the APA published DSM. This manual attempted to classify disorders based on a standardized set of symptoms. Over the years, the manual has been revised with the DSM-IV-TR (text revision, 2000) being the latest one. The purpose of a classification system like the DSM-IV-TR is to standardize the diagnostic criteria. The type of treatment and services then can be based, in a standardized fashion, on the diagnosis.

    The purpose of this assignment is to examine a mental illness by reviewing the diagnostic criteria contained in DSM-IV-TR.

    To get a better understanding of how the DSM-IV-TR lists mental disorders and how they are defined it is recommended to use this phrase in your search: BehaveNet Clinical Capsule. On that web site go to the DSM-IV-TR section and click on classification.

    To get a better understanding of a mental disorder it is recommended that you use the National Institute of Mental Health's web site. This government web site lists and explains in detail what you need to know regarding a particular mental disorder. Use the key words: National Institute of Mental Health. When in that site you can use their search engine to find a particular mental disorder.

    Research a disorder by using the manual and answer the following questions in your essay:

    Describe the disorder. What are the typical symptoms of the disorder?
    What is the typical age of onset of the disorder?
    Is the disorder more prevalent in men or in women?

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    This is the link from which you have many options of diagnoses from which to choose. http://www.behavenet.com/apa-diagnostic-classification-dsm-iv-tr

    When you go to this link http://www.nimh.nih.gov/index.shtml in the middle of the page, there is a topics heading, and all types of diagnoses are listed there.

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