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Abnormal Psychology

Outline Final Paper with Annotated Bibliography

Hi Xenia Jones, I have already written my 10 page final paper, APA formated, references, and instruction on what I was supposed to be writing about on my final paper. I need your expertise with outlining my final paper with annotated bibliography? My paper is due 2/4/2012 Here the link that shows examples: http://owl.engl

Measurent and Statistics

Discuss the various uses of item-branching technology. Think of your experience with commonly administered tests (e.g., GRE, ACT, U.S. Constitution test, driver's license test, visual and hearing acuity tests) and discuss how this technology could be helpful in the development and administration of these tests.

Can you give a description of the spiritual-well-being scale?

Offer a description of the Spiritual well-being scale and summarize the reviews of the test found in Mental Measurements Yearbook. Explain the purpose, format, design, psychometric properties, reliability, validity, strengths and weaknesses for the spiritual well-being scale found in the Mental Measurements Yearbook.

Psychology Diversity

Please help with assistance on preparing for a research paper on African American Juvenile Delinquents and Do They Deserve a Second Chance?

Substance Abuse and the Brain: Nature vs. Nature

An addict can not control starting the behaviors that would lead to using whatever substance they might be interested in? Is it dopamine deficiency or dopamine abundance that is thought to cause problems with addiction? How are the levels of dopamine are controlled in the brain? Nature vs. Nurture - The Great Debate How ca

Volunteering as a Mediator: Critical Thinking

1) Why would a college student with a double major in psychology and behavioral science want to volunteer their time and energy to become a mediator for their community? 2) How would being a mediator fit into their personal life or career goals? 3) What skill or life experience do you think that college student with the d

Comparing Reality Therapy and Feminist Therapy

Compare and contrast reality therapy and feminist therapy. Please address the following: Key concepts/unique attributes - Historical/contextual development of the theory (if relevant) - Role of the therapist -Research support for the theory

Multiple Intelligences, the Mozart Effect, and Emotional Intelligence

Focus only on one portion of: "EI THEORY" (EI = Emotional Intelligence) Task: Write a 300 word summary of what you've read. Write at a level that would be appropriate for explaining the ideas to a fellow student. Be sure to state what you think is the most important or most interesting aspect of the article.

Achievement vs. Intelligence

200 Words Demonstrate that you understand the difference between achievement and intelligence, as the words are used in psychological assessment, by writing two test items (test questions). (a) Show an example of an item that could be on an achievement test. Explain why it's an achievement item and would not be appropriat


According to Carl Rogers, must a therapist share every feeling and thought with their client? Is this a necessary part of the therapy? Or, does he see limits to the amount of personal information a therapist should disclose?

Investigative Psychology

What is the importance of empirically based evidence to investigative psychology? Provide an example in which the admissibility of expert testimony might be affected

Substance Abuse and the Brain/Nature vs. Nurture

Substance Abuse and the Brain Explain the role dopamine (aka the reward system) plays in addiction. After explaining the process answer the following question: Is addiction a disease or a disorder? Nature vs. Nurture- The Great Debate After reading about the physiological basis of mental illness take a side (nature vs

Trait Psychology for Personality

1) What is meant by "traits" in relation to personality? 2) How are personality traits different from intelligence and temperament? 3) What has been the impact of the contemporary "Big Five" approach on other trait theorists? 4) How well is this perspective empirically supported? 250-300 words - Support y

Play and Self-Concept

How are self-concept and self-esteem related and what contributing factors affect their development? How does play affect development of children and thus later development during the adolescent stage? Your initial response should be between 200-250 words.

A neuropsychological instrument

Offer good data on the Bender Visual-Motor Gestalt Test. Describe a neuropsychological instrument and explain how it is used to assess disability or neurological dysfunction.

Evolution & Mating Strategies

Watch The Impact of Values on Mate Selection and Evolutionary Psychology and Sexual Attitudes videos on Evolutionary Theory. (Optional) 1). Please discuss David Buss' theoretical perspective on why we are attracted to and select the mates that we do. 2). What does this have to do with evolution? 3). What, if anything,

Concepts of Psychological Testing and Psychological Assessment

Compare and contrast the concepts of psychological testing and psychological assessment. Give examples of each from your own life experiences (e.g., group achievement test in school or assessment for selection to a particular college or university) As a psychologist, which approach would you prefer in evaluating clients or appli

Therapeutic Interventions: Evaluating a Behavioral/Cognitive Approach

Discuss: What are the strengths and weaknesses of using a behavioral/cognitive approach with the following client? Client Profile: Name: Aaron B. Gender: Male Age: 17 Ethnicity: Syrian-American Religion: Jewish Relationship Status: Single Description of Presenting Issue: Aaron was referred for counseling by hi

Career development plan for client.

I need help doing an outline to create a career development plan for helping Alicia (the client) with her career development. Could you please include in outline; 1. Intake Process Interview/ Assessment Process A) What information would you want to obtain from the client in a brief intake interview or from a questionnai

Ethical approaches

Should moral claims that an action is right or that an action is wrong, be based upon one's religious beliefs? Can you explain the perspective using the 3 approaches (divine command theory, utilitarianism, or duty based ethics)?

Psychology of Learning

Do you think that learning can occur in the pre-natal stage of human development? Why or why not? Present some of the research to support your answer.

SPSS Path Reference

Can someone please help me understand what the following path reference means? C:psyjamesdatatestsdata_012308.dat What are the similarities and differences between the path above and the series of statements below? "Click on Local Disk C:. Next, click on psy. Next, click on james. Then click on data and then tests. Now

SPSS Syntax Commands

Prior to the advent of Windows and menu commands, users of SPSS had to learn complex syntax language to write programs instructing SPSS to perform analyses. Large, tattered manuals, about the size of a large city telephone book, were often found in academic computer labs where students frequently consulted them to learn how to w

Important information about Albert Adler and Birth Order

Given the birth order of a family of six siblings, describe the birth order the 5th child according Albert Alder theory. 1). Give a brief example of, and describe how that 5th child experiences might be different from the rest of their siblings because of their birth order in that family of six based on Albert Adler and Birt