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Abnormal Psychology

Learned Helplessness

Locate one scholarly, peer-reviewed source that was published within the past five on the topic of learned helplessness. 1) Based on the information from the article, explain how the principle of learned helplessness can apply in situations where domestic violence occurs. 2) How can early childhood experiences impact t

Romantic Attachment Styles

What are the three romantic attachment styles described by Shaver and colleagues? Briefly describe one, and give an example of how it might 'look.' How are these similar to early attachment styles described by researchers such as Bowlby and Ainsworth?

Marriage and Family Counselling: Scenario

You are a therapist seeing a couple as your client. Individually, each party often calls you between sessions to tell you information about the other. You saw the husband for one session alone and he revealed having an ongoing affair and asks you to keep it secret. You saw the wife for one session and she revealed that she wants

Group Cohesiveness Techniques

How can a counselor use the techniques from an Adlerian approach to maximize group cohesiveness in the early stages of group development? How can a counselor use the techniques from a person-centered approach to maximize group cohesiveness in the early stages of group development? Why is group cohesiveness so important?

Lifespan Development: Infancy through adulthood

Describe the biological, cognitive, and socio-emotional processes that make-up human development. Explain how these processes collectively influence human development as we grow from infancy to adulthood.

Correlation Research Problems

A researcher collects the following data from five high-school students: GPA SAT 2.00 960 3.00 1000 4.00 1300 1.00 650 3.54 1280 What is the correlation between high-school GPA and SAT scores? Report the appropriate null and research hypotheses and the critical value (alpha = 0.05).

Minimum HIPAA Requirements

Describe miminum HIPAA requirements for a small clinic. Discuss how you think psychologists get involved with fraudent practices.

Experimental versus Quasi-Experimental Designs

Discuss the major differences between experimental and quasi-experimental designs. Be sure to address the relationship of variable manipulation to each of these designs and the different types of manipulations that may be used. What dictates the design (i.e., experimental versus quasi-experimental) and the type of manipulation u

Antecedent Control Strategy

Dr. Drake, a dentist was concerned that many of his patients did not floss their teeth regularly and were therefore at risk for gum disease. Dr. Drake devised a plan to get her patients to floss everyday. Every time patients came in for a check up or cleaning, Dr. Drake showed them awful pictures of people with gum disease and p

Research Method Psychology

4. A________ is a subset of the _________ A. population; sample B. population; random sample C. sample; population D. none of the above 5. The first step in the research process is to A. review the literature on your topic B. develop a research plan C. Find a problem or question to examine D. consider the relevant

Reinforcement Schedules

Various reinforcement schedules have been shown to have different effects on the rate and retention of learning. 1). Explain the meaning of a fixed interval (FI), variable interval (VI), fixed ratio (FR), and variable ratio (VR) reinforcement schedules. 2).What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of the four t

Therapeutic Factors as Self-Disclosures Group Members

Discuss one or two of the therapeutic factors such as: self-disclosure of the group member or group leader, confrontation, cohesion and universality, hope, willingness to risk and to trust, caring and acceptance, power, catharsis, the cognitive component, commitment to change and humor. Identify which factors you believe to be t

The Laws of Association

The British Associations, sitting in their armchairs several centuries ago, identified a number of laws of association, of which the most important were contiguity, frequency, and intensity. In research, several principles have been shown to affect the strength of association between stimuli. 1) Based on life experience

Cultural Scenario for Perspective

Case: Maria is the daughter of Mexican immigrant parents. Her firm religious beliefs greatly influences her decision to stay in her marriage in spite of her husband's infidelity. Other group members press her to leave her husband by pointing out that she is financially independent and implying that her religious beliefs are "ol

Mixed Methods Research Design and Methods

To what extent is mixed methods research simply taking half a quantitative plan and half of a qualitative plan and putting them together? What are the challenges to using a mixed methods strategy of inquiry?

Sex Differences and Education

According to brain research (Jensen, 2008), there are known differences in cerebral laterality between males and females. Although our brains are unique, some may believe it is politically incorrect to say there are gender differences and others may stick to the old understanding that males and females are different. For some ed

Principles of Classical Conditioning (Blocking Effect)

The focus of this assignment: Locate a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article. This article must be an original research project published within the past five to six years. The study should illustrate one of the following conditioning principles: Blocking. a).Summarize the research design b).Procedures c).Results

Youth, Developmental Delays and Self-Injurious Behavior

Martin, an ABA psychologist, is working with Sara, a 14-year-old girl with severe developmental delays who exhibits self-injurious behavior. The self-injurious behaviors include pulling her hair, biting her arm and banging her head against the wall. After conducting a functional analysis, Martin decided to employ an intervention

Habit Reversal Procedures

How can habit reversal procedures work to decrease thumb sucking behavior in a 7-year-old child? How does the use of the competing response work in habit reversal procedures? How would you select an appropriate competing response?

Dual Relationships

Having a "dual relationship" within clinical psychology is not acceptable. Why is this? Do you ever think there is an instance where a dual relationship would be acceptable?

Case Study: Behavior Management in the Classroom

Case Study: Mary Mary is a 10-year-old fifth grader. She is participating in a behavior management school-based group on a referral by her teacher. Mary's teacher described her as very bright, but very disruptive. According to Mary's teacher, Mary often provoked other students in the classroom by calling names, touching and p