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Abnormal Psychology

Case study: Shana & family

Shana, 31, mom Jason, 15, son Maria, 13 Adam, 11 Ex-husband, the custodial parent, name unknown Shana takes her three children to see you. They are now in your office, the four of them. Shana talks for herself and her three children and here is what she says: I really need help and my neighbor said you would

Cultural Bias in Standardized Testing

Conduct a literature search (through ProQuest, Ebsco Host, etc.) and review 5-7 articles on multicultural issues and standardized test use with a particular population (special population) of your choice. Popular magazines, news articles, and unpublished articles will not be allowed. The literature review should focus on the mos

Job satisfaction is reiterated. What factors influence your job satisfaction?

What factors influence your job satisfaction? Reference: Jex, S. M. & Britt, T. W. (2008). Organizational psychology: A scientist-practitioner approach (2nd ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. Job Satisfaction among University Faculty: Individual, Work, and Institutional Determinants. (2011). Journal of Higher Education, 82(2), 1

Analyze reliability and tests.

Reliability is one of the most important characteristics of a good test because it shows the consistency of your measurement. Assume that you are in the process of selecting an IQ test to administer to adults. In your own words, explain what it means to say that a test is reliable. Be sure to include in your discussion the compo

The use of Feminist Theory is advocated.

1. Should Feminist Theory be applied to Stan? Explain where you are coming from with your answer. 2. What was one of the techniques, in the Solution Focused video, that Dr. Corey used with Stan? How successful do you think this technique might be with a real client? 3. A Narrative therapist might help the client to use â??E


What factors influenced the need to regulate the practice of psychology? Do you agree that it is important to regulate the practice of psychology? Why or why not?

Gardner Intelligence paper

Discuss the theory of multiple intelligences developed by Howard Gardner. Pick three and discuss how each can have an impact on your personal success. Below is a list of the eight intelligences: Linguistic Musical Logical-Mathematical Naturalist Spatial Bodily-Kinesthetic Intrapersonal Interpersonal

Summarize an aggression in infancy and early childhood article.

See the following article and help with the following: Tremblay, R. E., Nagin, D. S., Séguin, J. R., Zoccolillo, M., Zelazo, P. D., Boivin, M., ... & Japel, C. (2004). Physical aggression during early childhood: Trajectories and predictors. Pediatrics, 114(1), e43-e50. - short summary of the article (100 words) - relate

Tips for enhancing self-confidence are discussed.

1). From the twelve techniques below, select and describe six techniques to build self-confidence. Explain how the six that you chosen can help someone strengthen their self-confidence. Building your Self-Confidence Techniques 1). Score a few easy victories 6). Dress and act profes

Galton's nature-nurture paradigm is summarized after explicating the article.

Article analysis is performed in this solution. The Article: Examining unproven assumptions of Galton's nature-nurture paradigm. By: McLafferty CL Jr, The American Psychologist, 0003-066X, 2006 Feb-Mar, Vol. 61, Issue 2 -short summary of the article -relate the information to work, social or home life. -pick a quote an

Krumboltz's Learning Theory is explicated.

This posting offers some ideas for discussion in regards to Krumboltz's Learning Theory in regards to decision making. Springboards to augment the discussion are also implemented.

Operant conditioning is exemplified.

Use operant conditioning, with a program of shaping, to get a sloppy roommate to make the bed neatly. Include and label the antecedent stimulus, response, and reinforcement of the changing program standards, and a method of self-regulation for the roommate. In a Psychology internship, you have encountered a child with destr


What are some possible psychological and/or behavioral differences between first-, second-, and third-generation immigrants? Why these differences?

Research Methods - PSY 326

I need assistance with understanding the design differences section for my paper. I know there are important differences between the qualitative research design and the quantitative research design. quantitative is statistical data and qualitative is word base description of studies. This is new learning. 1.Define at least

Stages of the scientific method are briefly discussed.

What stage of the scientific method would someone be at if they make a prediction that drinking alcohol will make people more violent during a sporting event? a) developing a theory b) forming a testable hypothesis c) designing a study d) reviewing the literature of existing theories

Psychotherapy is exemplified.

One way in which psychotherapy can be defined is by the theories which support their processes. But is theory critical in providing quality psychotherapy or is it more important to be proficient in techniques? This probably is a lead to the questions whether psychotherapy is more art than science. From your understanding of the

Career counseling is advised from the included case study.

How might understanding the client's past decision making experiences inform your work as a career counselor? Why? According to Niles & Harris-Bowlsbey (2009), career counselors seek to establish rapport with their clients, assess their client's career concerns, establish goals for the career counseling relationship, and inte

Problem solving approaches are summarized.

1. Explain the different approaches to the study of problem solving. 2. Analyze the function of reasoning, judgment, and decision making in the problem-solving process. At least two scholarly references.